Web Hosting and hosting what is and so that it serves?

March 7, 2016

Inform to you already than it is the Web Hosting and hosting

All we have many archives in our hard disks and surely the great majority of that information is images, videos, music and other digital content, but surely sometimes you will have asked yourselves that happens in the subject of Internet with respect to where this type of information stores itself all, for that reason in this article we are going to speak on the Hosting Web and hosting to you.

All the information that we visualized of a webpage in the navigator not is in our hard disks if not which they are lodged in a service of storage Web also called Web Hosting and hosting.

Thanks to the services of hosting Web we can lodge all the information in the same servers.

That type of lodging Web and hosting we can find?

According to the needs of each client or user we can choose to choose between several services of hosting, between which we can find:

  1. Gratuitous Hosting: This type of lodging as its name indicates will be gratuitous but always he counts on enough limitations towards the user, in addition this type to lodging usually takes including certain publicity. With respect to the limitations we can find little disc space, CPU use€¦
  2. Hosting by donation: He is almost the same type of hosting that hosting gratuitous but has the characteristics of hosting of payment, the only thing is that this type of hosting is created and later stays by the own users of the community. In addition this type to hosting usually does not take any type of publicity.
  3. Shared Hosting: This type of lodging Web is but used for projects that are not very demanding, in which within a same servant several websites lodge, but is necessary to consider the disadvantages that he has to use this hosting so that when we used this type of lodging we did not tell on the resources of the servant the 100% since we are sharing the same resources with other users of the same servant. For that reason, the disadvantages of the shared lodging are the diminution of the speed, security and yield.
  4. Hosting for images: As its name indicates, this type of lodging is to keep images in our servant. The great majority of these servers who offer disc space to us has the disadvantage by which always it accompanied with us much publicity to us.
  5. Hosting for video: Previously we have spoken to you of the lodging for images and now we are going to speak on the lodging for videos that as its name indicates we can lodge videos in our servers. Often he is but profitable facing the client to mount a CMS as WordPress or Joomla where the images and videos of our webpage can be integrated easily. Different types from lodging for videos exist but known they are Youtube and Vimeo, but what these looking for are something but professional always you can use Wistia.
  6. Hosting of e-mail or E-mail: To send or to receive email or e-mails consumes many resources in the servers, for that reason always it is good for having a specific servant of e-mail to realise this type of tasks. Many of these lodgings for e-mails tell on all the possible protection that we needed as for example servant anti-Spam, synchronization in different devices, handling of contacts and another type of specific services but for the security of all.
  7. Dedicated servers: Perhaps the servers who but are also used but are truth that often has a high cost. Unlike hosting shared in this type of lodging an only client it uses all the resources of the servant since we have commented in the shared lodging, a same servant is used by several users simultaneously and resources are lost. In this case he is quite the opposite to the shared servant since normally a servant only uses it a same client and furthermore he would take advantage of all the resources the same.

That services offer the lodging servers to us Web and hosting?

The lodging servers Web and hosting offer the different services to us:

  1. Hosting of files by means of way access Web to raise, to unload, to eliminate or any task related to the archives that are in the servant.
  2. Access to the information of the servant by means of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  3. Creation and base maintenance of data, normally created in MySQL.
  4. Also we will count on e-mail accounts and the same accounts will contain an own domain.
  5. Virtual hard disks and we will be able to administer them with WebDav.
  6. Backup copies and normally we will be able to choose that type of information we want to protect.
  7. Creation and maintenance of domains and subdomains.
  8. Statistics of traffic
  9. Installation of applications as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal€¦

Many services of lodging, offer in addition the hiring to us to domains Web for our project. If still you do not know what is a domain Web or want to know to more information on the word domains Web, you do not doubt in reading our following article

hosting and domain microsoft2.net, knows it


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