Certainly at some time you have asked these questions

It continues reading and it finds the frequent questions that our clients are realised quite often and also solve yours, thanks to ours faq.

Frequent questions

It knows the frequent questions that are realised our clients


Our schedule of attention to the client is of 10 to 20h and our technical support is of 24h the 365 days of the year, we are to your disposition to solve your doubts and to provide all type to you of help.

It accedes to our registration page microsoft2.net and registers to you.

The guarantees that we offer are the quality of our services, integrity and absolute availability facing the client, customized attention and an excellent treatment.

The payment methods that we offer are banking card or by means of banking transference.

We are a company specialized in the lodging Web or also called hosting. Offering to you furthermore to be able to choose the domain and to always combine both services in a same product with the best quality, involving to us in making possible all ideas and obtaining that you achieve the success that you wish.

The services that we offer are:

- Web Hosting to lodge your project and to make reality your dream, begins or to lodge your project or work and begins to enjoy the satisfactory results that it provides to choose a good service of lodging and domain as which we offer to you.

- Domain, to be able to be but visible in the network and in addition by a reasonable price, also you can personalize it to choose what you want to pay and because services you wish to do it.

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